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This trivia game has 2,000 questions that test your knowledge of English spelling and vocabulary.

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Questions About Pop Stars; Adele, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake …

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Do you know Guns N’ Roses, The Rolling Stones, Queen, ACDC, Scorpion, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top?

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Do you know Mozart, Bach, Bethoven, Dvorak, Smetana, Vivaldi?

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When start a new game, you can pick the difficulty level before you begin. Do you want a little practice when you’re first getting started? Try out the quizzes in easy mode. If you feel pretty confident, then move on to medium mode. And once you’re ready for advanced trivia, select hard mode for a challenge! And don’t worry, you can select another mode next time.

Make sure you’re ready to play when you push the Start Game button, because the timer begins immediately. For each question, you’ll see four options, and sometimes there is also a photo to help out with the question. Make sure you read each question so you aren’t tricked when the answers include similar sounding words. Remember to act fast to select the right answer since you only get once chance. This is a fast-paced game!

When your answer is right, it will be highlighted in green, and you’ll earn a star. When your answer is wrong, it will have a red highlight and you’ll be shown the right answer too. Click Next to move on to the next question until you’ve gotten to the end of the quiz. If you’d rather have the questions go to the next question after answering, select this on the Settings page before you start your next quiz. This may boost your chances of getting a time bonus too.

While you’re playing, you’ll see three magic buttons that allow you to reduce the number of answers, allow two answer tries for one question, or extend the time. These really help if you’re in a crunch and need a little extra time or can’t decide between the options. If you want some, then keep playing to earn crowns and spend them in the shop for more magic buttons. You can also purchase more crowns, or even pay to remove all advertisements.

At the end, you’ll see all your stats for how you did that round. How many stars and crowns do you have? How many answers were correct? Did you get a success or time bonus? Start a new game, or you can review the questions and answers again by selecting Results Details, or by going to the Quiz History page from the main menu. You’ll see all the questions and answers, plus how fast you completed each quiz.

And don’t forget to check out your Achievements as your status improves over time. When your friends play, you can compare your results and see the best player for each quiz. Didn’t win this week? That’s okay, keep playing and check the Leaderboard again to see if you’re the latest winner.